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Where to buy wholesale foam rollers

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Why import foam rollers in bulk from China?

It has been a long time since Yoga was introduced into China and the yoga market growth led to the emergence of multiple yoga products, including yaga mats, yoga foam rollers, yoga blocks, yoga suits, etc. Now, yoga products made in China are competitive in price on the international market. If you are looking for foam rollers, I strongly recommend those from Chinese suppliers.

What is the wholesale price of a commercial foam roller?

EVA and EPP are the main materials of foam rollers, hence, the cost of the two materials determines the price of foam rollers. Other factors that affect foam roller price include the size, order quantity, print and packaging. Sunrise Tech has developed a patent foam roller that saves your cost.

Is it possible to get custom foam rollers?

Sunrise Tech provides custom service. For existing products, you can choose any colors they want. If there's no the very product you want, Sunrise Tech can make the mold and produce your products only if you offer the 3D draft of your products. Mold-making will be charged. Your mold will not be shared to others.

why choose us?

Established in 2002, Sunrise Tech has 19 years of sports equipment manufacturing and has multiple certifications including ISO9001, BSCI, FCCA, ICTI, K-mart, SCAN, CE, etc.

why choose us

Our partners include Decathlon, Coop, Walmart, Costco and Target. We has exported our main products such as yoga mats, foam rollers and PU products to South Asia, America, France and the UK, etc.

why choose us 2

Our company covers an area of 45,000 ㎡ and possesses 1 PVC yoga mat production line, 1 TPE yoga mat production line, 2 EVA foam roller production lines, 11 PU production lines, about 400 skilled workers and 18 engineers to develop new products.

We focus on quality and advocate environmentally friendly materials. Our factory has  waste wastewater treatment equipment, which is in line with the concept of environmentally friendly protection. Also, our factory has a dedicated R&D team who develop new products regularly. besides, New machines are introduced every year to improve efficiency. What's more, our factory has a comprehensive management system providing regular training for staff on safety, quality and delivery.

Where to buy wholesale foam rollers
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