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Best PU Foam Ball Manufacturer

The full name of polyurethane is polyurethane, which is a general term for macromolecular compounds containing repeating urethane groups on the main chain, referred to as PU. According to different raw materials and formula changes, it is divided into soft, semi-rigid, and rigid foam. We mainly do soft foam, polyether type, MDI, and molded foam products.

As the best manufacturer and supplier of PU foam products in China, Sunrise Tech has been producing polyurethane foam products since 1999. Sunrise Tech focuses on R&D, manufacturing, and sales of reliable PU foam products. We have been producing PU foam products for nearly 20 years. With rich production experience, Sunrise Tech can produce PU foam products that meet your various requirements. Our products comply with various international safety certification standards.

If you are looking for an experienced PU foam product manufacturer in China, Sunrise Tech is your best choice. We have nearly 20 years of manufacturing experience. With us, you will be free from complaints and make more profits.