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Foam roller is used for self-myofascial release, which is an effective attachment to do massage after sports. Made of high-class EVA material, our foam rollers are practical and durable.

It’s beneficial to prevent injuries and pull muscle, using before and after workouts. It can help relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation, and increase your joint range of motion. Regular use is benefit to reduce muscle pain and injury recovery time.


There are four common size could be chosen by consumers:

a) Portable foam roller: dia.10*30cm

b) Classic foam roller: dia.14*33cm

c) Extended foam roller: dia.14*45cm

d) Professional foam roller: dia.14*61cm


Besides of different size, the color could be customized according to clients’ requirements, not only plain color, but also camouflage color or other more complex compound color.


Different kinds of structure are provided to clients: solid type, hollow type, foam roller sets (with massage and yoga strap).


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