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  • Type of Yoga Mat Material

    You should know the material of the yoga mat firstly if you want to know how to buy the yoga mat. You should know the material of the yoga mat firstly if you want to know how to buy the yoga mat. Read More

  • The Development Trend of Yoga Mats

    From the perspective of yoga mat material, PVC yoga mat occupies more than one-third of the global market in 2018. Due to its lightweight, good moisture resistance, high comfort, and low price, the PVC yoga mat is popular among consumers with its super high-cost performance. It is predicted that the Read More

  • How to use strap to carry a yoga mat

    Yoga mat straps are bundled yoga mat with, the mat will be rolled into a tube then fixed with straps back upper body, usually go to the yoga studio classes, both beautiful, but also easy to depart. For yoga, people who often go to the yoga studio practice can have an easy trip and carry function. Fo Read More

  • PVC yoga mat is really that bad?

    PVC is the most traditional material for yoga mats. Due to the low price, most of the yoga mats on the market are made of this material. In the concept of the public, PVC has the following disadvantages: 1. heavy taste; 2. heavy grams, not easy to carry; 3. not soft, poor anti-slip function; 4. PVC Read More

  • How to use a massage stick at home

    To choose the right strength of the massage stick, the pain they can bear is the primary selection criteria. If the massage stick material is too hard or friction is too strong, and the target area does not have a uniform muscle component, it will not only play the role of massage but also get hurt Read More

  • How to choose the best manufacturer for yoga mats

    There are many things to pay attention to when selecting a yoga mat supplier, such as quality and delivery time, but we should measure some key points. For example, we all know that we should pick a high-quality yoga mat, but the criteria for a high-quality yoga mat are what we desperately want to k Read More

  • Best fitness equipment supplier in China

    China has become the world's largest bourgeois of fitness equipmentThese critical markets for the training and fitness equipment industry developed countries like Europe and us worldwide. However, thanks to value and different factors, the world's central fitness instrumentality production area is s Read More

  • What size yoga mat do you need

    There is always a blind spot for yoga practitioners to buy a yoga mat; that is, the thicker the mat, the better. It is not. The thicker the mat is, the more injuries the practitioner may suffer in doing yoga. Yoga mat plays a protective role in the exercise process of practicing yogis; yoga is about Read More

  • How to clean a yoga mat

    1. Yoga mats are a vector for spreading germsRobert Lahita, a professor at Rutgers University School of Medicine, once said: "Yoga mats are the worst." Because yoga practitioners often sweat when they exercise but rarely wash their mats, bacteria, fungi and viruses can lurk on unwashed mats. For exa Read More

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