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As the best yoga mats manufacturer and supplier in China, Sunrise Tech has been manufacturing yoga mats since 2002. Sunrise Tech focuses on R&D, manufacturing, and selling reliable yoga mats. If you are a yoga mats distributor, wholesaler, yoga mats contractor, or grower who needs large quantities of yoga mats, Sunrise Tech is your best choice. We have produced yoga mats for nearly 20 years. With rich production experience, Sunrise Tech can manufacture yoga mats that meet your various requirements. Because our yoga mats comply with ISO9001; BSCI; FCCA; ICTI; K-mart; SCAN; CE international safety certification standards, and have a warranty period of 1 year, so our yoga mats are widely used in the gym, yoga studio, and daily life.


If you are looking for an experienced yoga mats manufacturer in China, Sunrise Tech is your best choice. We have nearly 20 years of yoga mat manufacturing experience. Working with us, you will be free from complaints and get more profit.


Here are a few reasons why you choose Sunrise Tech as your yoga mats supplier.