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Best fitness equipment supplier in China

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China has become the world's largest bourgeois of fitness equipment

These critical markets for the training and fitness equipment industry developed countries like Europe and us worldwide. However, thanks to value and different factors, the world's central fitness instrumentality production area is shifting from Europe and us to Asia. The output of fitness instrumentality in Taiwan has been stratified 1st within the world; it once commands 40-50% of the worldwide market share. However, in recent years, the ninetieth of Taiwan's low-end fitness equipment trade has been transferred to China, so China is becoming the world's largest bourgeois of fitness equipment. Within the future, Europe, Asia, and geographic areas will be the most growth points of the market, and bit by bit, affluent folks, can pursue a healthier lifestyle. It can become the most customers of fitness equipment.


According to information free by research, and combined with this state of the trade, the possible trade analysis Institute predicts that the world coaching fitness instrumentation market size can show associate degree overall upward trend from 2020-2025, which is predicted to achieve 14.8 billion dollars by 2025.

2020-2025 Global Fitness Equipment Market Size Forecast


Introduction and classification of standard fitness equipment

Fitness equipment is widely used in many scenarios, such as gymnasiums, outdoor fitness venues, home fitness equipment, etc. The gym is one of the most extensive and demanding places. In the following, we will analyze the gym and its distributors in the context of expectations. Our content can be more popular and understood by the public.


To facilitate the distinction, here, we divide fitness equipment into large scale and small scale. Large fitness equipment refers to equipment that weighs more than 5kg and is inconvenient to carry, and small fitness equipment refers to equipment that weighs less than 2kg or is easy to carry.


Large-scale fitness equipment

Rowing machine

The Rowing machine simulates rowing, which affects muscle strengthening of the legs, waist, upper limbs, chest, and back. Rowing machine exercise is fun and full of challenging fitness exercises. With each stroke, upper and lower limbs, waist and abdomen part, the back will complete a complete contraction and extension in the process, achieving a whole-body muscle exercise. Especially for people with a lot of fat on the waist, abdomen, and upper arms, rowing machine exercises will bring you unexpected body sculpting effects.


The treadmill is a piece of primary equipment in homes and gyms, and it is the most straightforward kind of home fitness equipment today, and it is the best choice for home fitness equipment. Treadmills are mainly tied to a pivot rod at the appropriate position of the armrest frame, and the pivot rod is extended to the front and bottom of the body. The other end is pivoted in the proper function of the running structure. A pivot is provided at the bottom of the front end of a running frame. Stick to the ground pulley. Therefore, when the running frame is lifted from the rear to perform the folding operation, the ground pulley will help the user exert force and has low folding and labor-saving, and stable support.

Healthy waist machine

The healthy waist machine's primary system is designed to fully match the human body's natural posture. Through wild swing, the chest, shoulders, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs, and other parts can achieve the effect of exercise, especially for the elbow, waist, and stomach. For shoulder and neck relief and muscle exercise, you can get good results only by relaxing and natural swinging, and the product has a small footprint (about 1 square meter), easy to fold, and easy to store. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends internal and external conditioning and insists on drinking Chinese medicine and camellia while using the waist beauty machine, which can significantly affect healthy weight loss.

Stair steppers

Stair steppers, also commonly referred to as stair climbers, are fitness equipment. The stepper is still the most challenging fitness equipment. The stepper enables the bodybuilder to repeat the action of climbing stairs, which can enhance the function of the cardiovascular system and fully exercise the thigh and calf muscles. However, people who are bloated or who have just been exposed to steppers often feel exhausted after strenuous exercise.

Exercise bike

Power bikes are as same as exercise bikes. They have divided into two types: upright and back-to-back, known as horizontal exercise bikes. They can adjust the intensity power during exercise and have a fitness effect. So people call it an exercise bike. Aerobic fitness equipment that is a typical simulating outdoor exercise is also called cardio-pulmonary training equipment. The primary purpose is to promote cardiovascular exercise, accelerate metabolism, enhance heart and lung function, and improve the body's physique through long-term, moderate-intensity training.

Elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainer, also known as spacewalker, is a piece of fitness equipment that integrates walking, jogging, and stationary bicycle exercises. Its fitness movements are just in line with people's natural strides. It will not cause a significant impact on human joints and damage the human body. It can move the upper and lower limbs simultaneously—muscle groups, especially the legs and buttocks. During exercise, it is through the coordination of hands and feet to achieve the purpose of fitness. Mainly based on aerobic exercise, it has the effects of fat removal and weight loss. It is especially loved by young women and can be used by almost all children to the elderly.

AMT Adaptive Motion Trainer

AMT Adaptive Motion Trainer is different from other fitness methods. Users can freely switch between climbing stairs, walking, jogging, and long-distance running under different exercise modes and an utterly zero-impact experience. You can use this real-time conversion mode function to adjust your training mode to achieve the goal of training for specific muscle groups.

The Station Trainer

The Station Trainers generally include chest expanders, pull-ups, supine press, sit-ups, and other equipment functions. The two of the above parts and supine presses are mainly used to exercise upper limb strength and pectoralis major muscle strength. Sit-ups are primarily utilized to exercise psoas muscles and reduce excess fat in the waist abdomen.

We know that helping you get useful information will reflect our professionalism. Here we will list a few large-scale fitness equipment manufacturers for your reference.


Year Established



40+ ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001,ISO10015,CE,GS,ETL,cTUVus
WNQ 33 ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001,CE,GS
SHUA 25 ISO9001,ISO14001
Orient 30 ISO9001,ISO 14001,GB/T 28001,SA8000,ISO10015
MBH 13 ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001

Small-scale fitness equipment


Keep lifting the barbell every day can make the body healthy and strengthen the arms, buttocks, and legs. Long-term practice of barbells can modify muscle lines and increase muscle endurance. Regular exercises with heavy weights can make muscles strong, strengthen muscle fibers, and increase muscle strength.


Barbells can exercise upper body muscles. For example, when doing sit-ups, holding the barbell with both hands at the neck's back can increase abdominal muscle exercise load. Holding the barbell for lateral flexion or turning activities can exercise the external oblique muscles. Holding the barbell in front of the straight arm Lifts, side lifts, etc., can exercise the shoulder and chest muscles. Such as having a barbell and squatting on one foot, squatting and jumping on both feet, etc.


Ordinary people should have "dominant hands," which is even more apparent in heavy training. Some people will have an imbalance in the left and right muscle strength (or muscle size) due to long-term use of dominant hand training. How should I solve this? Dumbbells are a handy correction tool. Because the dumbbell weight is optional, you can strengthen on the weak side; or train with the consequence that the weak side can bear until the two hands are almost adjusted. However, the correction of the non-dominant hand is limited. After all, people still have an advantage with the dominant hand, and they may not achieve the same perfection.


Dumbbells can do full-body exercises, from two-head curl, three-head extension, dumbbell rowing, squatting, deadlift to small forearm muscles, and highly practical. Dumbbells can also adjust through weight to meet the muscle endurance required by runners, the necessary explosive power for athletes, and the hypertrophy effect pursued by bodybuilders, responding to different training groups' needs.

Yoga mats

When doing yoga poses, you need to stretch your body at different angles. These moves can sometimes cause body parts to slip, mostly when falling on a flat surface. Whether it is indoors on a wooden floor or a mosaic or marble floor, if the body slides in an undesired direction when practicing yoga, the body will suffer muscle cramps and fatigue. Yoga mats can help practitioners maintain firm support on the surface due to their non-slip properties, and prevent any loss of heat, charge, or energy from the body to the environment, thereby providing thermal insulation. For these reasons, yoga mats are considered necessary for every yoga practitioner.

Foam rollers

After soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia are damaged, when their collagen fibers are repaired again, they will not grow in the original order. They may be connected to other layers of fascia. The use of foam rollers can reduce the risk of collagen adhesion between muscle tissues.


The movement of our joints requires the coordination of a series of muscles to maintain. If one of them becomes tense, it will cause an imbalance in muscle operation. When there are adhesions between tissues, the muscles will continue to shorten, which will increase the pressure around the muscles and limit the range of motion of the joints.


Regular use of foam rollers to relax the fascia can reduce muscle tension, help maintain joint range of motion, and increase overall sports performance. Maintain standard muscle length and pressure. Using foam rollers after training can reduce soreness and promote recovery.

Fascia gun

The fascia gun uses its internal unique high-speed motor to drive the massage head to generate high-frequency vibrations to reach the deep muscles. It can reduce local tissue tension, promote blood circulation, prevent and relieve late-onset muscle soreness. After fitness or strenuous exercise, the sympathetic nerves are over-excited, causing the muscles to be too tense when they are static, prone to fascial adhesions, which affects recovery. Therefore, releasing this extra excitement by relaxing the fascia can solve and alleviate the above problems.

AB wheel

The ab wheel can exercise the whole body, mainly exercise the abdomen, forearms, shoulders, and legs. It can be used to change body shape and weight and has a good weight loss effect. Long-term adherence to the ab wheel's use can help professional abdominal muscle trainers train their abdominal muscles and support our general population lose weight. The ab wheel can not only do individual training but also exercise with various fitness methods. Ab wheels can be used for kneeling, standing, leg training, yoga, back, and light-intensity training.


As in the previous category, we will list a few small-scale fitness equipment manufacturers for your reference.

Brand Year Established Certification


LangQun 7 TUV certifications
ChuBa 22


A few words at the end

This article is based on the gym common fitness equipment as a blueprint to analyze; the face of the crowd and the gym size is different so that the product needs are not the same. We hope you can find some helpful information from it, and we will try to keep this article updated for a long time. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Best fitness equipment supplier in China
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