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How to find the best China PU ball manufacturer?

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What is PU ball?

The full name of PU is polyurethane, which is a general term for macromolecular compounds containing repeating carbamate groups on the main chain. Polyurethane has a variety of classification methods.

  • According to different raw materials and changes in formula, it is divided into soft, semi-rigid and rigid foams. Toys and balls mainly use soft foam.

  • According to the classification of polyols, it is divided into polyester type and polyether type. Toys and balls mainly use polyether type.

  • According to the classification of foaming methods, it can be divided into block foam, molded and spray polyurethane foam. Toys and balls are molded foam.

PU Foam Ball

PU Foam Ball

PU ball is a new type of high-grade toy. Because of the PU material used, it has many characteristics: the image is vivid, the surface is smooth, the color is bright, the shape is cute, it will not be deflated, durable, good rebound, safe to use, soft and comfortable product, suitable for men and women of all ages.

Children always like to put toys in their mouths, or eat after playing with toys, so a poor choice of toys may cause harm to children. The external coating of PU slow rebound toys is completely non-toxic coating resin, which is non-toxic and will not cause skin and respiratory allergies. Therefore, the toy material itself will not pose any threat to the safety of children.

Mute Elastic PU Ball

Mute Elastic PU Ball

The outer skin of PU slow rebound toys is very strong, it is not easy for young children to tear, it will not fall off, and it is easy to clean. It can be cleaned with general detergents. PU ball toys also have a very good decompression effect, so they are often called stress balls. At present, PU balls have a very good market environment. Next, we will introduce you how to find a good manufacturer of PU ball products.

Where to find PU ball manufacturers?

Visit Manufacturer Website

There is a wealth of information on the internet to help you find the manufacturer. To avoid being scammed, it is best to choose a trustworthy platform to find a reliable partner. Google is the largest search engine in the world, you can find anything you want in Google, and Google will give you a lot of results. The same goes for manufacturers, who publish their website on Google so you can find them.

Generally speaking, when we search for a keyword, we usually only focus on the search results on the first page, but many suppliers' SEO may not be so good, and they have not kept up with the ever-changing SEO rules of the Internet, so they usually It's not listed on the first page, which means we need to dig deeper, and don't ignore the search results on the following pages.

Best PU Foam Ball Manufacturer

Best PU Foam Ball Manufacturer

In addition to this, we also need to try various keyword searches, such as wholesale, wholesaler and distributor, etc. words can be used interchangeably, and each combination needs to be tried and searched. But just because there are so many search results, there is no guarantee that you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy seller. Remember to be careful to avoid scammers.

Visit the Exhibition

Trade shows are a great opportunity for you to get the right manufacturer. As we all know, trade shows include a variety of exhibitors from different regions who come to showcase their specialized products and are a great place for you to meet manufacturers face-to-face. You can check out their products and build a relationship with them.

There are many trade shows in different places and at different times of the year. For your convenience, you can attend a local trade show, or attend a trade show elsewhere in China or your chosen niche. If you are in China, we strongly recommend that you go to a place that specializes in producing your items. This selection will help you learn more about China's manufacturing landscape.

Find someone with experience

Sometimes the best source to find potential suppliers may be through recommendations from others. It is also a good way to ask everyone for opinions on social networks. Nowadays, social networks are quite convenient and make “recommendation” easier.

Try search for the industry person you are looking for and ask them to introduce the appropriate supplier. LinkedIn is a great channel that can be of great help. Try to search for the people in the industry you are looking for and ask them to introduce the corresponding suppliers. In addition, niche forums are also a good place to find suppliers.

How to choose a suitable PU ball manufacturer?

Investigate the manufacturer

Wherever you find basic contact information for a manufacturer, you need to investigate their background. You have to understand who they are, whether they are middlemen, factories or agents. To understand their business background, you must get answers to the following questions:

  • Is it the real manufacturer?

  • What categories of products does the manufacturer produce?

  • What is the business scope of the manufacturer?

Ask specific manufacturing questions

After researching the manufacturer's background and understanding their scope of business, you can contact the manufacturer with questions related to your business.

Which companies has this manufacturer worked with? This can help you better understand the manufacturer's industry experience and understand the quality of the products it makes. You can get to know their partners in a variety of ways to better understand it.

Sunrisetech Sports products cooperation customers

Sunrisetech Sports products cooperation customers

You can also check the company's business license and quality inspection report, which will help you understand the manufacturer's detailed information, such as business scope, contact information, company location, etc. Through the quality inspection report you can see the reliability of the products produced by the manufacturer.

At the same time, you should also know the MOQ, sample time and payment terms of the company's products. These can help you to carry out the next transaction and cooperation more smoothly.

Learn about the manufacturing process

When you decide to work with a manufacturing facility, remember to specify your manufacturing process requirements in your business contract. Before deciding to mass manufacture, you need to get samples for your project. For your sample manufacturing, you must know:

  • Which color do you prefer?

  • What kind of manufacturing process do you need?

  • Would you like to have your brand logo on your samples?

Sunrisetech customized service

Sunrisetech customized service

Remember to let your manufacturer know your manufacturing process requirements and produce your samples. After you get the samples, you have to inspect them and check their functionality.

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Zhejiang Sunrise High Tech. New Material Co., Ltd.

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Panoramic View of Our Factory

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How to find the best China PU ball manufacturer?
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