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High Density PVC Yoga Mat YGMA-PH

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  • PVC
  • 173 x 61 cm / 183 x 61 cm
  • 4-8mm
  • customized
  • Eco-friendly,recylable,biodegradable,unique texture design and superior anti-slip.

Product Description

Product information

Product name: High Density PVC Yoga Mat YGMA-PH

Model No.: YGMA- PH

Material: 100%PVC

Size: 173 x 61 cm / 183 x 61 cm

Thickness: 4-8mm

Characteristic of PVC yoga mat

• Good resilience protects human joint during sports. Great for treadmill mat.

• shock absorption and noise reduction.

• Standard: 7. 5 lbs. 71" x 26"; due to the unique craftsmanship, there may be slight variances in weight and length which can range +/-1".

• Superior wear resistance and longer life span.

• To Store: Roll mats with the top side (fabric-finish) facing outwards. This keeps the corners of the mat flat when practicing.

• To Break In: The surface texture of mats improves with use. The best way to break in your mat is practice, practice, practice.

Washing Tips

• Put clean water in the washbasin, add the washing liquid and stir evenly.

• Put the towel in the washbasin, wet and then wring out the towel.

• Wipe the yoga mat with a towel to clean the dirt.

• Replace the washbasin with clean water and wash the towel. Repeat with a clean towel several times to wipe off the washing liquid.

• Hang the mat in a cool place to dry.

• Caution: Do not expose to the sun.

Lead time

If order qty is less than 5000pcs, the lead time is 30 days; if more than 5000pcs, pls contact us for lead time negotiation.

Company strength 

● Manufacture plant

For manufacture, we own 1 PVC yoga mat line, 1 TPE yoga mat line, 1 EVA injection molding machine, 11 PU foaming production line, 6 U-type production line, 4 rotating foaming production line. For management, we have rich experience in sports goods and promotional gift, with well-established system and professional team.

● Strategic partner

We have built strategic relationship with Decathlon for several years, supply several kinds of products like yoga mat, yoga ball, massage ball frisbee…

● Environmental achievement

Responding to the call of global concept of environmental protection, our factory is in possess of environmental protection equipment for waste disposal and effluent disposal.



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