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How to Find a Professional Foam Roller Manufacturer in China

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What is the Foam Roller

Although the foam roller looks like a column made of foam, it is a very effective exercise aid.

After exercise, rolling on the foam roller can effectively relax the muscles and joints and restore the bones to the correct position. It can also prevent dislocation, correct body posture, and beautify the curve.

Through effective correction of body posture, it is easier to exert strength. For this reason, many professional athletes often use foam rollers for training.

What is the Foam Roller

What do Foam Rollers actually Do?

There are three ways to use foam rollers: stretching training, fascia release training, and trunk training

Foam rollers can help yoga practitioners complete various balance movements, eliminate muscle tension and strengthen core muscle strength. It has the flexibility to achieve the effect of exercise balance and is indispensable equipment in modern yoga practice. In general, foam rollers can not only extend muscles and tendons but also break up soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue.

In scientific research, the foam roller is regarded as a "Self-Myofascial Release". And "self-myofascial relaxation" comes from "Myofascial Release Therapy", which is a medical technique similar to ordinary massage, but the skills used are more "advanced". This is why the foam roller is often called "cheap masseur" because it is very similar to ordinary massage.

What do Foam Rollers actually Do

How to Choose your Foam Roller?

Choosing a suitable foam roller is the beginning of correct and safe use.

  • How to choose the size

    If you want to buy a foam roller that fits your body, you need to pay attention to the "length" and "thickness" of the foam roller. The length of foam rollers available on the market is generally 45cm, 60cm, and 90cm.

    If you want to lie on the foam roller and roll left and right to relax the lower back position, it is best to choose a foam roller of about 90cm, so that the body can roll on it from the head to the buttocks. If you want to use the foam roller to roll back and forth on the upper back, shoulder joints, buttocks, legs, etc., choose the length of 45cm or 60cm.

    To be safe, it is best to measure the length from the lower head to the buttocks and the width of the buttocks before purchasing the foam roller.

    How to Choose your Foam Roller

    Another key to the safe and effective use of foam rollers is whether the thickness of the foam rollers is suitable for you.

    Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the foam shaft, the higher the distance from the ground when lying on it. With a small body, it is easy to feel that your arms are floating and nowhere to rest. Likewise, the center of gravity will be affected. It is difficult to grasp balance.

    The following are some reference standards given in conjunction with height. When buying, you need to consider your own physical condition and don't choose blindly. If the height is higher than 155cm, it is suitable to choose a diameter of about 15cm. If the height is shorter than 155cm, it is suitable to choose the one with a diameter of about 12.5cm.

    In addition, if you do not have much confidence in the balance, you can choose a half-shaft type foam shaft first. This type has good stability and is not easy to roll.

  • How to choose the material

    The material of the foam roller can be divided into PE (polyethylene) and EVA.

    The type of material will directly affect the hardness and viscosity of the foam roller, the feeling of use of the foam roller, and the price of the foam roller. You can refer to your preferences and prices when buying.

Introduce Sunrisetech

  1. Tell us your product requirements

    Customers need to send their own design drafts to us, including product size, weight, pattern, etc. We will open a mold and make a plate based on the artwork. After many trials and production, customers can see their customized yoga columns.

  2. Delivery schedule

    The general production cycle is 60 days. After receiving the actual order, we will arrange the production plan according to the production situation. The actual production cycle depends on the number of orders.

  3. Production process

    Material preparation. After preparing the materials, arrange for personnel to foam. After foaming, laser or silk-printed logo according to customer's requirements. A quality inspection is carried out after the finished product is produced. Pack after checking that there is no problem. After packing, it will enter the finished product warehouse and leave the warehouse.

How to Find a Professional Foam Roller Manufacturer in China
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