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How to choose the best manufacturer for yoga mats

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There are many things to pay attention to when selecting a yoga mat supplier, such as quality and delivery time, but we should measure some key points. For example, we all know that we should pick a high-quality yoga mat, but the criteria for a high-quality yoga mat are what we desperately want to know. 

We will list the following points to help you solve this problem from a professional yoga mat manufacturer's perspective.


For yoga mat

1.It is easy to clean.

2.When flat a yoga mat on the ground, it is easy to flatten without wrinkling.

3.Not sticky.

4.It is easy to carry.

5.The material is environmentally friendly, and it won't cause harm to the environment and the body.

For Manufacturer

The manufacturer must have sufficient production capacity and can guarantee production quality. R & D capabilities are also essential for manufacturers.



Zhejiang Sunrise Hi-Tech New Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and has been engaged in and specialized in sports equipment production. Based on our nearly 20 years of experience, high requirements for product quality, and our ongoing efforts, we have obtained some professional certificates and qualifications, such as ISO9001; BSCI; FCCA; ICTI; K-mart; SCAN; CE, etc.



As one of the top three manufacturers of yoga mats in China, we have many long-term business partners, such as Decathlon, Coop, Walmart, Costco, Target, etc., with whom we have more than ten years supply agreement. If you have cooperated with these brands, you also have a corresponding understanding of our products. We mainly produce yoga mats, foam rollers, PU products, which primarily export to South Asia, America, France, UK, and other countries.

Business Partners


Before the global epidemic broke out, we participated in the exhibition every year. While we show our factory strength and experience to our customers, we also try to learn other companies' advantages to improve ourselves by taking their strengths and weaknesses.

Below are some pictures of the exhibitions that we have participated in within the past few years.

Shanghai International Sporting Goods Exhibition-1

Shanghai International Sporting Goods Exhibition-2

Shanghai International Sporting Goods Exhibition


We just participated in this exhibition in Fujian. As you can see from the pictures, many people are coming to our booth for consultation, and the strength of our factory is evident to everyone.

China Cross Border E-commerce Trade Fair-1

China Cross Border E-commerce Trade Fair-2

China Cross Border E-commerce Trade Fair-3

China Cross Border E-commerce Trade Fair


The company integrates office building, workshop, and warehouse, covering a total area of about 45,000㎡. We have about 400 skilled workers, one PVC yoga mat production line, one TPE yoga mat production line, two EVA foam roller production lines, and 11 PU production lines. We ensure that we can adequately supply materials, workforce, and resources to complete production tasks and customization services. We improve the management system and regularly train our staff on safety, quality, and delivery to ensure the quality of products and completion deadlines.


Meanwhile, in terms of R&D, our factory employs 18 professional engineers to form an R&D team to develop and regularly release new products. To ensure the quality of their R&D, we will keep up with the times and often introduce the latest machines to try our best to improve the production efficiency while ensuring the high quality of new products.


We focus on quality when developing products and conform to the concept of environmental protection and advocate the use of environmentally friendly materials, so our factory has passed the following international certification tests: BSCI; FCCA; ICTI; 6P; SCAN; CE, etc. Environmental protection is always the core concept of our factory. We have made many efforts to reach an environmentally friendly factory, such as introducing ecological protection equipment for waste disposal and wastewater treatment and doing our best to conform to the concept of environmental protection from every aspect.


In the last

Choosing the proper manufacturer is the most important thing. A good manufacturer will provide good quality yoga mats and be able to conform to humane morality to avoid polluting the environment. You can rest assured that Sunrise Tech will not let you down. If you have any problem, please let us know, we will make sure to solve it.



How to choose the best manufacturer for yoga mats
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