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How to clean a yoga mat

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Why we should care about cleaning yoga mats

Steps of cleaning yoga mats

Cleaning precautions


Why we should care about cleaning yoga mats

Yoga mats are a vector for spreading germs

Robert Lahita, a professor at Rutgers University School of Medicine, once said: "Yoga mats are the worst." Because yoga practitioners often sweat when they exercise but rarely wash their mats, bacteria, fungi and viruses can lurk on unwashed mats. For example, if someone has a skin disease or staph infection and sweats while doing yoga, the sweat is left on the mat, and the yoga studio does not wash the mat, whoever uses the mat afterward will be exposed to germs staph and may contract a skin disease. Since a considerable part of the yoga mat user's skin is in contact with the yoga mat, they will unknowingly suffer from skin diseases. Regular cleaning of yoga mats can avoid the spread of bacteria to a certain extent.

Prevent users from injury and prolong the life of the yoga mat

The key to cleaning the yoga mat is maintaining the anti-slip tissues on the mat. These anti-slip tissues are the essential part of the mat, which is an important weapon to prevent the practitioner from sports injuries. And, simple maintenance of the mat after use can extend its life.

The cleaning of the mat is for the protection of the mat and the protection of the yoga practitioner.


Steps of Cleaning Yoga Mats

  1. Use a basin to hold water, add the right amount of washing liquid and stir well.

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  2. Put the towel into the washbasin, wet it, and wring the towel.

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  3. Use the towel to wipe the yoga mat, wipe the dirt from the mat.

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  4. Replace the basin with clean water and wash the towel with clean water. Then wipe the yoga heat with a clean towel and wipe the washing liquid on the yoga mat. At this time, the yoga mat cleaning is finished.

  5. Finally, put the yoga mat in a ventilated cool place to dry; it can not be placed in the sun, the yoga mat will crack.

When the yoga mat is filthy, take a large bucket, add cold water to the bucket. Adding washing powder does not put too much washing powder because residues will cause the yoga mat to become slippery, non-slip performance decline. Then scrub the mat with a wet cloth and rinse it clean. Take it out of the bucket, use a dry towel to absorb the moisture from the yoga mat, and dry it in the shade.



Cleaning precautions

  1. To ensure hygiene, it is best to clean it every other week; you can extend the cleaning cycle if you don't use it a lot.

  2. Do not use stiff brushes when cleaning the yoga mat to avoid causing surface film rupture and linting.

  3. Do not use cleaning liquid containing softener; it will affect the anti-slip.

  4. Do not put the cleaned yoga mat under the sun! Exposure to the sun will make the yoga mat crack and lose its skin, reducing the service life.

If you don't want to clean your yoga mat every other week, but you are worried about the hygiene of your mat, you can lay a yoga towel on your mat and clean the yoga towel after doing yoga. Adding a yoga pavement towel can help users have a better yoga experience and solve the problem of sweating so that the yoga mat feels a little sticky and uncomfortable; in short, the yoga pavement towel is the companion of the yoga mat.



Yoga practitioners should develop the habit of cleaning their yoga mats and treat their mats well, which broadly protects them and enhances the mat's experience. When you practice yoga, you will naturally have a good mood when you see a clean mat.

How to clean a yoga mat
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