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How to use your massage ball at home?

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When using the fascial ball, lay a soft mat on the floor and then place the ball on the mat and if there is a painful area of the body, gently align the painful area with the fascial ball. This way the body drives the ball around and can have a positive therapeutic effect on the area. The relevant operations are as follows.

  • Release pressure on the myofascial of the sole of the foot. Stand on one leg, hanging in the air with your leg on the ball, place your body weight support on your heel and allow the ball to flip around on the ball of your foot. Some parts are able to be flipped over a little longer, stepping for 40 seconds at a time, 3 sets per foot.

  • Pear-shaped muscles. Sit your butt on the ball and roll it around a bit in all directions, looking for the pear-shaped muscles. This is not a large muscle and when you touch it, the pain will widen down the foot. Hold at this point for 30 to 60 seconds and you will feel light and relaxed after the push. If the pain is intense, straighten your leg and hold it at this point for a period of time. Once the leg is straight, the actual effect of the massage will be a little less, but it will allow you to slowly unblock it.

  • Back of the calf belly. Sit on the ground and subsequently pull the body up a little, the further the body is from the ground, the more pressure is released to work on the ball. The ball is placed directly under the back of the calf, so that the ball is flipped from the Achilles tendon all the way down the leg, in a sluggish position, slowing down to maintain a period of time when it hits a sensitive area, as the back of the calf is wide and several flipping lines need to be tried, tending to the inside, the middle and the sides.

The purpose of using the fascial ball is to relax the muscles, not to be painful to tolerate. When the pain is excessive, take care to reduce the pressure or start from another position; do not use each area for too long and stop when the muscles are relaxed.

What Is the Function of Massage Ball?

Massage ball has equipped with many functions. Apart from helping people to massage areas that are out of their reach, such as the shoulders and back, it has also become popular in recent years to relax and warm up the fascia before exercise to expand the range of movement of the muscles, thus reducing the risk of injury and making people less likely to get tired. In addition, if you use a fascia ball regularly to relax the muscles in your shoulders or feet, you can also improve stiffness and swelling in your shoulders, so you can build a healthier body with a fascia ball.

Why A Massage Ball?

Muscle soreness is a major problem during running training, whether you are a "green hand runner" or an "experienced runner". Muscle soreness usually occurs after an overload of training, especially if you have not trained enough, or if you have taken a long break from training and started again.

Muscle soreness is inevitable during exercise, so how to reduce and eliminate it has become a concern for runners

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Find the right massage ball and some tips

Some customers feedback: with spines more depth, if you are afraid of pain then smooth, very eat pain then with spines! In fact, the purpose of the spines, in addition to a certain massage effect, the main or non-slip, to prevent the ball always run out ...... if you can do to control their own centre of gravity, the ball does not run, then not with spines, then it may be more comfortable ......

Some customer feedback says: it is recommended to buy peanut balls, more stable, have all the functions of a single ball, spinal muscle relaxation is also convenient. A smooth one is sufficient, using self-weight and pressure to control the strength.

This depends on individual needs, choosing the right fascia ball is not applicable than paying a high price for a fascia ball that is not suitable.

How to get the most efficiency of massage balls

To deal with aches and pains such as shoulder and neck pain or lower back pain, start by lying down with the fascia ball on the floor, lift the part of the body you want to massage and move your body slowly to find the position you want to relax it. As you work, you can adjust the height of your head or body to vary the intensity of the pressure and to more deeply relax the deeper layers of the body. However, it is recommended to slow down during the first experience so that the fascial balls do not slip out of their correct position.

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In addition to the shoulders, neck and lower back, the fascia balls can also be used around the hips to improve blood circulation and relax fatigue, or to massage the calves to improve coldness. As long as the fascia balls are used appropriately to suit your body condition and the desired effect, you will get the most out of the product.

The attentive tips when you are using massage ball

Continuous use of the fascia ball for long periods of time may cause muscle damage, so it is important not to apply too much pressure and to limit the massage to about one minute for a single area. In addition, as the fascial ball can only treat strain caused by muscle stiffness, it is advisable to lighten the massage if the exact cause of the pain has not been identified.

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Where and when?

The massage ball is suitable for use at home, yoga studios, gyms and other indoor and outdoor venues; it is also suitable for all people; there are no contraindications to the time of use, as long as there are no injuries or discomfort.

How to use your massage ball at home?
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