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TPE Rubber Yoga Mat

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  • TPE Rubber
  • 173 x 61 cm /183 x 61 cm
  • 3-15mm
  • customized
  • Anti-slip nano coating,skin-friendly with eco material.


Product information

Product name: TPE Rubber Yoga Mat

Model No.: YGMA-RT

Material: TPE + Rubber

Size: 173 x 61 cm /183 x 61 cm

Thickness: 3-15mm

The advantage of TPE rubber yoga mat is non-toxic, tasteless, non-slip and tear-resistant. As a new generation of yoga mat, it's the best choice. This yoga mat has excellent skid resistance. Even if you are sweating profusely, you don't have to worry about slipping.

Characteristic of TPE Rubber Yoga mat 

● 2/5 Inch Extra Thick Exercise Mat

There are 369 cushion modules on the surface of the EXERCISE yoga mat. They are durable and yet lightweight. The fitness mats are extra-thick (2/5 Inch). The fitness mats are extra-thick (2/5 Inch) which offers the additional cushioning for your joints need. It’s suitable for any yoga& workout &gym or fitness routine.

● Extra Larger wide EXERCISE Yoga Mat

The extra-large size (6'*2'*10mm thick) tailored specifically for Americans. So  you don’t have to worry about certain actions being placed outside the mat.  Our mats could come with a free carry strap, you can carry to the gym or anywhere you want.

● Very non slip On Both Side

The 3D cushioning module on the surface of this exercise yoga mat can provide strong friction for the body. Because the bottom has a dot suction cup texture, so it can provide excellent grip. So even if you are sweating profusely, you don’t have to worry about slipping. Because it’s very safe for you.

● Odorless Earth-friendly TPE EXERCISE Mat

Choose high-density TPE as the mat, because it provides 50% cushioning than ordinary materials (EVA, PVC, NBR). The advantages of the mat are non-toxic, tasteless, non-slip and tear-resistant. It is the best choice for a new generation of yoga mats.

Washing Tips

 Put clean water in the washbasin, add the washing liquid and stir evenly.

• Put the towel in the washbasin, wet and then wring out the towel.

• Wipe the yoga mat with a towel to clean the dirt.

• Replace the washbasin with clean water and wash the towel. Repeat with a clean towel for several times to wipe off the washing liquid.

• Hang the mat in a cool place to dry.

Caution: Do not expose to the sun.

Lead time

If order qty is less than 5000pcs, the lead time is 30 days; if more than 5000pcs, pls contact us for lead time negotiation.

Company strength 

● Manufacture plant

For manufacture, we own 1 PVC yoga mat line, 1 TPE yoga mat line, 1 EVA injection molding machine, 11 PU foaming production line, 6 U-type production line, 4 rotating foaming production line. For management, we have rich experience in sports goods and promotional gift, with well-established system and professional team.

● Strategic partner

We have built strategic relationship with Decathlon for several years, supply several kinds of products like yoga mat, yoga ball, massage ball frisbee.

● Environmental achievement

Responding to the call of global concept of environmental protection, our factory is in possess of environmental protection equipment for waste disposal and effluent disposal.