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Type of Yoga Mat Material

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You should know the material of the yoga mat firstly if you want to know how to buy the yoga mat. You should know the material of the yoga mat firstly if you want to know how to buy the yoga mat. 


NBR is the abbreviation of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, which is an industrial synthetic rubber material and also belongs to a kind of rubber. NBR is mainly produced by the low-temperature emulsion polymerization method, with excellent oil resistance, high wear resistance, good heat resistance and strong adhesion. However, the shortcomings of yoga mat are poor low-temperature resistance, poor ozone resistance, poor insulation performance and low elasticity.  Yoga mat, elasticity is very necessary, since NBR elasticity is poor, why can still be used as a yoga mat? The great human invented a technology called "foaming", which is to add foaming agent in NBR raw materials, under high temperature, so that it decomposes and gasifies, like blowing balloon, so that NBR material produces loose porous bubbles, and finally cooling, shaped into a sponge-like mat. But after foaming, the mat will become very light, affecting the texture, how to do? The great mankind invented another technology "filling", before the NBR material is foamed, filler is added in advance to increase the weight and enhance the texture. The two technologies are great inventions, but unfortunately mastered by the unscrupulous businessmen nowadays, the main odor of NBR mats comes from the residue of the decomposition of the foaming agent, which may contain harmful gases such as ammonia and nitrogen dioxide. And now the NBR yoga mat filler with calcium oxide, which is often referred to as quicklime, the ratio is not well controlled, the use of the skin may feel a burning sensation, or cause allergies. A treasure search yoga mat, screen full of low-priced products 10 20 dollars are available, I can only say, one price one goods, with what foaming agent, raw materials and filler ratio of how to master, all depending on the conscience of the business.

But it does not mean that NBR is the worst material, normal products after ventilation and deodorization, control the ratio, the mat can still basically reach the requirements of no odor, no allergies.

The features of NBR mat: low price (within 20-100), good resilience, large thickness (10mm or more), poor durability. 

The range of application of NBR mat: fitness, KEEP, yoga introduction.



PVC yoga mat is the abbreviation of Polyvinyl chloride, the most widely used plastic, the daily sewer pipe, cups, etc., have PVC material figure, plastic to our feeling is generally good elasticity, but hardness is very large. After the foaming of PVC, the resistance to tearing will become very poor, and our great mankind has invented a technology called "anti-tear net", which is made of high-strength fibers and placed in the raw material at the beginning of PVC foaming. After foaming, will be completely wrapped anti-tear net, so that the mat after foaming, because the anti-tear net intervention, carry the tear effect will improve. pvc mat rebound effect is very poor, often press down a pit, it takes four or five seconds to recover, things often have two sides. Our great mankind, invented a rhetoric called "memory slow rebound", using ergonomics, can effectively record the position of hands and feet to enhance the accuracy of the action.

The features of PVC mat: price-friendly, thickness 6mm or 8mm, with a long time to drop the slag

The range of application of PVC mat: Yoga for Beginners



TPE Yoga Mat  is the abbreviation of Thermoplastic Elastomer, both plastic and rubber advantages, widely used in sports equipment, sealing materials, adult toys, etc., anti-slip effect and rebound effect are very good, the production of mats generally lower degree of foam, filler also used less, so the taste and safety is better, TPE mats also have anti-tear and no anti-tear net two, but the production process is different from PVC, is respectively with two layers of TPE mats feature: good rebound, medium price (50-150), good anti-slip effect, strong durability.

TPE mats are suitable for: professional yoga practice (most yoga studios in China are TPE), high strength sports such as mountain running.



Rubber mats are very good in terms of slip resistance and durability, the disadvantage is that the smell is very heavy and not easy to remove, the anti-slip effect is reduced after sweating hands and feet, the advantage is that they are tasty but non-toxic

Features of rubber mats: good rebound, non-slip and wear-resistant, expensive (200-600), non-absorbent

Rubber mats are suitable for use in all areas of yoga, except for hot yoga.



PU is the abbreviation of carbamate, is an emerging organic polymer material, applications are: artificial leather, the famous sharkskin swimming costume, sofa, car steering wheel outer film, etc., characterised by absorbent and breathable, skin-friendly, dry and wet in both cases are non-slip, PU rubber mat surface using polyurethane film, and rubber base high-temperature lamination, made into a non-slip, skin-friendly, absorbent mat, the touch is very good, but also The disadvantage is that it is difficult to clean, it absorbs dust and has a rubbery smell.

PU mat features: wet and dry non-slip, expensive (more than 1000 yuan), difficult to care for PU mat range of application: professional yoga with.


Type of Yoga Mat Material
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