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What size yoga mat do you need

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There is always a blind spot for yoga practitioners to buy a yoga mat; that is, the thicker the mat, the better. It is not. The thicker the mat is, the more injuries the practitioner may suffer in doing yoga. Yoga mat plays a protective role in the exercise process of practicing yogis; yoga is about the control of oneself. The higher the level of practice, the thinner the mat you choose may be. Yoga mat density is the main factor in determining comfort, support at the joints, and maximum stability in balancing poses. If the mat is too thin, the yoga practitioner will feel pain and discomfort when doing some kneeling poses, but if the mat is too thick, he or she will end up collapsing in a rocking position because of the distance from the ground and the loss of balance. Choose a yoga mat just to choose the most suitable for you.


The international standard of an ordinary yoga mat is usually 173*61mm or 183*61mm. For beginners, you can pick a slightly wider 183cm*80cm; this size is more suitable for home use and more comfortable. Simply put, you should pick a little longer than your height and a little wider than your width, choose according to your height. The more important thing to note when selecting is the thickness of the yoga mat.


You can choose the thickness according to the level of practice and the content of the practice.


Different levels of practice, different thickness requirements

The thickness of the yoga mat on the market is 1mm, 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. 6mm is suitable for all levels of practitioners, and after practice to a certain level, you can change the thickness of the mat on your own.

For yoga beginners, it is recommended to choose a 6-8mm thick yoga mat. 6-8mm can ensure that the knee joints are not harmed and can maintain the balance to a greater extent! For intermediate yoga practitioners, it is recommended to choose a 3-5mm thick yoga mat; for professional yoga enthusiasts. It is recommended to select a 1-3mm thick yoga mat.


The advantages and disadvantages of thick cushions are both thick; thickness can protect the yoga practitioner from injuries and sprains during practice, but a too thick mat will decrease the balance. For example, when practicing the standing three-dimensional pose, stepping on a thick and soft mat, the roots of the feet on the ground are not easy to fix, the feet are not stable, and the body naturally tends to sway. Like a tree cannot stretch and grow well if its roots are not firm, so in yoga, without roots, the practice can only stay on the surface and not go deeper. As we practice more profound and deeper, our awareness will slowly increase, and to better find the feeling of every part of our body; we will choose a mat that is thinner and thinner so that our body can contact the earth to the greatest extent. This is the reason why professional yogis have thinner mats.

 how to measure the size of yoga mat


Different practice content, different thickness requirements

The primary action lying down on the mat practice content, suitable for a little thicker, softer mat; like flow yoga, such a breath, the need for strength practice content, appropriate to choose a little thinner, harder mat, too thick too soft mat is not conducive to the exercise of the movement, can not achieve the sports effect; between the two, recommended to choose a thinner yoga mat. Bobbi jump, open and close jump, this kind of landing move needs to be stable so that you can select an 8-10 mm yoga mat. Flat support, mountain running, abdominal roll, and ground fitness action can choose 15mm thick yoga mat, multi-functional yoga mat, Hands and feet do not feel the pinch at all.


Yoga practitioners need to choose to buy a yoga mat according to their practice degree and practice content, suitable for themselves, to make the mat achieve the highest cost performance so that yoga practice to achieve the best results.

What size yoga mat do you need
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